Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Paced, I Pouted, I Twitched

  I did it!  I passed on the baby blanket with hardly a word and no apology at all!  

But then yesterday I was suffering from sewing deprivation.  I paced, I pouted, I twitched with the urge to make something.  I overshared pictures of the baby quilt at Craftser and Craftsy and Ravelry

So I sucked it up and made something.  

We are taking a family trip soon and I'm never ready to pack for a trip until I get a new purse.  Don't ask me why.  
I couldn't find one I liked.  That, along with my sewing withdrawal symptoms, made it clear that I needed to make one.  
Please forgive the bad pictures, I can't find my camera and used my phone again.

It's exactly like the one I've been using (I bought it for our last family trip but I don't have a picture of it because it was ugly).  I liked how it was laid out though. Two large pockets on the ends of the purse for keys and phone make it so useful. 


I used my long neglected stash of barkcloth and a really ugly linen dress I bought at the thrift shop.  I put the pocket from the dress on the inside.  I also used the shoulder strap from the ugly purse.  Can I just say, it took me less than an hour, because I used the hems and finished edges from the original pieces.  I used to spend a day on a bag.  It was pretty exciting.

After I got it all put together I decided that it wasn't big enough.  So, I bought the cheap one I was eying up at Target.  It was so plain, I had passed on it earlier.  But, since seeing it the first time, I had picked this book up:

So I started to decorate it late last night.  

I have a long way to go.  I plan on bringing my thread along and working on it on the trip.  Yes, I have to take everything out of it to do that so it won't be what I work on in the airport or anything.   

That project will be a travel journal.  

I making a traveling kit for that stuff today.   I don't think I'll be sewing it, just putting it together.  I just need to find the right container.

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