Monday, July 8, 2013

Big Messy Pile In My Garage

Remember when the fabric we dyed with indigo told me it wanted to be a quilt?

I didn't listen right away.  First I made some napkins.


Then, for some reason to do with people visiting and using my car and me being disorganized, it all ended up in a big messy pile in my garage. That's right, the garage. 

But now it's all alright because I spent my afternoon sewing it into quilt squares.  

Have I ever mentioned - over and over again - that I loooooooove improvising a quilt together.  Love it.  I can't imagine that following a pattern is even half this much fun.

I also love linen and have taken a ridiculous number of close up

and far away

 and close up pictures.

I made seven squares today.

I'll probably make nine all together,  Maybe twelve, I don't know.

I think this is my favorite.  

So here's another picture of it.

This one I'm going to just keep in one piece.

I haven't sewn for a while and it was so fun to do.  

I remember once telling a friend of mine that I had figured out how to make quilting go really fast.  Then I realized that I didn't actually speed up the process, I was just enjoying myself so much that time was flying.  

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