Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Could Be Better?

Here's what a couple of hours can do.

It's really fun to just stitch while following your nose.

I also got about an hour of book club reading in, I will not be the one who hasn't finished the book!

But I also got some real work done.  I've promised to donate a quilt to the Monona Library for an upcoming fundraiser*. 
Do you recognize the denim blocks?  It's the full catastrophe quilt that has been haunting me with it's unfinished nature.  Well, I found it a home.  Not all of it, mind you, but a fair amount.  

One of the things I loved about it originally was how the strips all went in the same direction but now I'm like, meh.  
So, I pulled some of the strips apart

And added in a couple of panels that had different orientations.

It still needs something. 

My pointless panel will have to wait.  I feel a little like a Victorian lady with my embroidery project waiting for me to work on it in the evenings.  Like a Victorian lady who works on her projects while watching Mad Men.  

*Which, by the way, you should really go to.  We'll have a Dean Martin impersonator and cupcakes.  What could be better?

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