Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I bought another sewing machine.  Dang it.  

Nope, not this one.

It went down like this:  I posted the above machine on Craig's List and, since I was there anyway, looked at the sewing machines that were for sale.  
Always Never a good idea.

I brought this one home.  It ends up that it actually wasn't a very savvy buy.  I thought it was an older model but it isn't.  Guess I could have looked it up first but I fell in love at first sight.  I tend to do that with older machines.  Still playing with the tension to get it right but that's my idea of a good time.

It weighs a shit-ton but at least I can throw it in my car and take it places.  I can't even say that about some of the people I know.

Otherwise I've been cleaning and getting ready to organize my space.  Nope, no pictures.  It's always worse before it gets better.  I plan on moving everything out of the way so we can put in some deeper shelving that will accommodate my new bins.  Then I have get to put it all back again.

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