Monday, July 16, 2012

I May Have Gone A Little Overboard

Here's my pile of squares before ironing. 

After breaking my sewing machine, I switched to my Grandma's Singer Featherweight from the '50's.  It made me wonder why I ever bought a cheap Singer from the '70's in the first place.

After ironing and then spread out all over the floor.

 I think I may have gone a little overboard.  There's a baby quilt there and then some.  Sewing the squares together was so fun, though.

With this quilt, I've been really inspired by Lisa Call.  I found her work on Pinterest.  You know how you see something and it just speaks to you?  
It was like that.  I think her work is gorgeous.
I felt the same way with the Gee's Bend Quilts and also Japanese Boro Quilts

 I really love finding those kinds of inspiration.  The typical busy floral or county looking quilt has always left me cold.  I know they take lots of work and technical expertise but they just don't move me.  I think that's why I always feel like my quilts are kinda weird.

So when I see quilts that are so simple but interesting, I really get energized and want to get sewing!

Obviously, that's what happened here.  If I had picked up more pairs of jeans, I think I'd be sewing them into squares still.  
But life moves on!!  On to piecing!  I wonder how many quilts I have here. 

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