Sunday, January 29, 2012

Attention Span Issues


We got another hole in the denim couch.  
 Again, a reminder:  
Denim wears out whether the ass is inside or outside of the pants.  

I patched the last hole with a denim square that I embroidered for the meandering stitched quilt:

But now I've used all those in the quilt plus I'm not very good at doing things twice - attention span issues - so this time I just darned the hole with embroidery thread.

I had a great time with it and may add some more stitches.  
I was inspired by this person, though her patching is much tidier than mine. 

I had to re-learn AGAIN, that just because I come up with an idea, doesn't make it automatically happen.  I have to actually DO something. So inconvenient.  

So, I finally started stitching together the latest quilt.  It's become my original Upstairs, Downstairs series quilt.  Do you ever do that?  Associate a project with whatever you're listening to or watching while you work on it?  I do it every time.  

Long term projects can be confusing because I'll listen to or watch so many things that this quilt might end up as the:

It's that spice of life thing again.  A reoccurring theme in my life for sure.

I won't be updating the blog as much as I'd like because my laptop died.  I have to go to work, upload my pictures, email them to myself, wait my turn for the desktop computer (I have two kids so it's a long wait) and then I can get every computer related thing done that's waiting for me to do.  
I'll aim for once a week but no promises.

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At January 30, 2012 at 4:34 PM , Anonymous Michelle said...

I still think that couch cover is incredible! It makes it even more wonderful that it can be so easily repaired! Darning wouldn't quite do the trick on most sofas! :-D


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