Saturday, June 25, 2011

That ultrasound had better be right!

Finally, I get to make a mess! Well, really, it's a quilt. 
It's a baby quilt for my new grand niece.  She's due any day now.

It's sewn together on the sewing machine.
Then I quilted it together by hand with embroidery thread. 
This is the back side.  I love the digital effect.

In process
The front is linen.

I used a floral skirt and beige pants.  The beige pants were actually really nice but had a pleated front - such a shame.  The stripes are from a pair of XL capri pants.  Another monstrosity taken off the street.  You're welcome.

The backing is a really soft flannel.
I sewed around the inside of each square with different colored thread.

I wish I had only used dark colors but I'm not unhappy with it over all.
It's the quickest quilt I've ever made.  I made the whole thing in less than a week.  I'd love to see it after it's been washed a few times.  I think (and hope) it will age really nicely.

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